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“Hello guys, I just wanted to tell you about my experience at backstreet dance studios. I joined backstreet in September 2011 and I loved it straight away my first

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Frequent Flyers® Aerial Dance has been performing and teaching for over 28 years and is Colorado’s and the nation’s premier teaching, training and performing

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Provides activities and events for 31,000 teens and nearly 13,000 adult members, trains volunteers, and maintains seven camps and program facilities.

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Ballet company, an accredited college of dance, and a national and international arts education and community outreach program.

Oak Park and River Forest dance lessons, classes and instruction for ren, teens and adults in a variety of dance styles, DeMaira Dance

Offers simulated space flight missions, space camps, an indoor planetarium, and more to students and the public.

Offers lessons in jazz, tap, ballet, ballroom, modern, pre-dance, and Pilates. Curriculum, class schedule, tuition rates, faculty profile, and related links.

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Star Systems National Talent Competitions Website keeps you up to date on all the National and Regional Competitions. View competition pictures, sign the guest book

The Dance Crazes of the 1960s. The 60s was a fun and a unique experience. You had to be there to understand. Just talk to any baby boomer who was an cent during