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Looking for a fish farm, pond stocking fishing pond or lake management? Need Pond Renovation? We are the Best in Texas Call Texas Fishing LLC today-903-883-3976

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Shepherds Sportfish is a premier fish hatchery & fishing club in South Louisiana. We offer bass and bream pond stocking for small to large lakes and ponds.

Providing pond stocking, fountains, and maintenance to a variety of clients in the southeast

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We provide live fingerling fish for pond stocking at over a thousand locations in 22 states. Call today to see when we’ll be in your area!

Carolina Fish Hatchery produce live fish for lake and pond stocking in NC, SC, and VA. The fish farm is a large producer of game fish and Japanise Koi fish for water

Pond and lake stocking for a landowner starts with determining what type of fish will meet their goals. We raise a variety of fish to suit your needs.

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Harrison Fishery, Inc. – Your source for fish pond stocking, lake stocking, aerators, bubblers, and windmills. Quality live fish to stock new and existing ponds or lakes.

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PAS stocks small lakes and ponds. Our experienced staff has been helping private and public lake owners with stocking programs and lake management services for well

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Stocking Recommendations The most commonly asked questions by pond owners are what types of fish, how many and what size of fish

New ponds should have a minimum of five feet of water present prior to stocking. This is necessary to keep the pond from freezing completely during the winter.

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