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Chapter 1 HISTOLOGY: METHOD AND MICROSCOPY A NATURE OF HISTOLOGY Medical histology applies microscopy to the human body, seeking to discover the nature of its smaller

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The penis is the male external excretory and sex organ. The penis contains the external opening of the urethra, which is used for urination and to deliver semen into

I HATE HISTOLOGY. A motivational drama for students beginning their medical college education. Characters: Doctor Friedlander the Pathologist Second pathologist

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Lesson plans with slides and practicals for the Loyola University Medical Education Network histology course.

Histology image: 17501loa – Histology Learning System at Boston University – “Male Reproductive System: prostate, seminal vesicle” Anatomy photo:44:04-0202 at the, free, updated outline surgical pathology clinical pathology pathologist jobs, conferences, fellowships, books

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Adult human testicle with epididymis: A. Head of epididymis, B. Body of epididymis, C. Tail of epididymis, and D. Vas deferens

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Introduction to Skin Histology. The skin is the largest organ of the body. As the primary interface between ourselves and our environment, the skin serves

ANATOMY AND HISTOLOGY OF THE PENILE AND CLITORAL PREPUCE IN PRIMATES An Evolutionary Perspective of the Specialised Sensory Tissue of the External Genitalia

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