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Recently I’ve heard of mothers who are telling other mothers that they’d better be doing oral motor exercises at home with their s and find SLPs who will do

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Oral Motor Dysfunction and Therapy With most apraxic ren it’s not that they physically ‘can’t’ blow bubbles or blow out candles etc. -it’s that they can’t do it

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Oral Motor Exercises for the Treatment of Motor Speech Disorders: Efficacy and Evidence Based Practice Issues A literature review based on a tutorial by

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Beyond Play offers an extensive selection of products for early hood and special needs.

Resource Guide to Oral Motor Skill Difficulties in ren with Down Syndrome By Libby Kumin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP Loyola College, Columbia, MD

Wrongly used by most therapists, oral-motor therapy uses a variety of exercises to develop awareness, strength, coordination and mobility of the oral muscles.

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The homepage for training in the Beckman Oral Motor Protocol taught by Debra Beckman

jeibi volume 2, issue no. 3, fall, 2005

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Read medical definition of Oral-motor Surprising Health Benefits of Sex. How would you like a stronger immune system or better sleep?

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Beckman Oral Motor provides intensive hands-on workshops taught by Debra Beckman. The workshops are held both internationally and throughout the U.S.A. for providers

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