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If you’re looking for pictures of pirates, maps, battles, ships, galleons, or treasure (buried and unburied), this is the place! Arrr! Click on the sidebar to get

Learn the histories of famous pirates–Blackbeard, Black Bart, Henry Morgan, and Captain d. Play a game by guessing pirate captains, ships, and treasures. Get

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Ahoy Mateys! Climb aboard for an adventure you won’t son forget! Sailing since 2008, Urban Pirates hosts swashbuckling adventures aboard custom built pirate ships

Puzzle Pirates, the persistent world game of Puzzling Piracy.

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Visit the Pirates of the Caribbean site to learn about the movies, watch video, play games, find activities, meet the characters, browse images, and more!

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Pirate Ships- Read, explore, great pirate ship pictures: Pirate’s Realm.

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Veggie Tales: The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything now on DVD.

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Classroom Clipart provides a collection of Pirates, images, Pirates pictures and graphics for you to download.

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