Jack Ass Rig Holster

Jack Ass Rig Holster 47

A soft thigh holster with a soft belt. Doesn’t get in the way of anything, always with you and easy to get to. Everything else is a pain in the ass

Over at desantisholster.com they’re having The Great Holster Smackdown: Nylon vs. Leather. Nylon — named for shared credit between Dupont labs in New York and

Jack Ass Rig Holster 46

Jack Ass Rig Holster 18

Jack Ass Rig Holster 18

December 29, 2016. Model: PS6. I just wanted to write you a note and tell you how pleased I am with your PS6 holster’s. I have one for all my carry

Jack Ass Rig Holster 52

Jack Ass Rig Holster 57

Jack Ass Rig Holster 114

Since 1969, Galco has pioneered the Shoulder holster system. From Miami Vice forward, we continue to refine the classic. IF you need a concealed carry solution other

Jack Ass Rig Holster 106

Packing for a deployment? If so here are the 21 pieces of gear that every Infantryman can’t live without

I’ve recently made the decision that it’s time to pick up another concealed carry handgun. As your Utah Concealed Carry Instructor and fellow concealed carry

Banning Serpa holsters is insane. The holster isn’t the problem. It’s the people that just don’t practice and operate proper trigger control.

The very latest in shoulder holster design from Nevada Gunleather’s craftsman. With no straps or springs, it allows for a super-fast draw. The gun is simply snapped

Pattern redesigned to be more accurate after more data was received, just like in the movie. Ike Clanton’s Arizona- right cross draw, double drop loop holster for

Jack Ass Rig Holster 70

Jack Ass Rig Holster 24

The Original Jackass Rig™ was reintroduced for Galco International’s 30th Anniversary. Galco’s predecessor, “The Famous Jackass Leather Company,” first